Design of Compact Impedance Matching Components
Ala'a I. Hashash, Mohammed H. Bataineh, Asem Sh. Al-Zoubi |Pages: 171-180|

Abstract— In this paper, compact impedance matching components are designed. Impedance matching of quarter wave, binomial, Chebyshev, and tapered transformers are considered. These are designed first by using uniform microstrip lines. Then these structures are compacted by imposing nonuniformity in the lines. The characteristic impedance of the nonuniform transmission line (NUTL) is presented as a truncated Fourier series. The optimum values of this series coefficient are obtained by an optimization process carried out using some built-in MATLAB functions. The width of the structures is deduced from the characteristic impedance by a standard method. All suggested microwave circuits are simulated using two trusted software packages. These are high frequency structure simulators (HFSS), and computer simulation technology (CST). The results of the two software packages are compared and shown to be in agreement.