A New Reduced Switch Count Three Phase Series Parallel Switched Multilevel Inverter
R. Geetha, M.Ramaswamy |Pages: 19-33|

Abstract— The paper brings out a new three phase cascaded multilevel inverter (CMLI) with a reduced number of power switches over similar other topologies to reach a desired number of levels for the output voltage. It allows following a series parallel path for the flow of current and engages a change in the modulation index to extract a variable output voltage. The operation pronounces the benefits of a new pulse width modulation strategy to leave way for lowering the total harmonic distortion of the output voltage. The phase disposition type of modulation scheme adds substance in shaping the voltage waveform to a nearly sinusoidal pattern in the sense it forays to mitigate the higher frequency components of the output voltage. The modulating mechanism further enables a significant increase in the fundamental component of both the output line and phase voltage. The hardware based investigative study attempts to validate the simulated results and evince the significance of the proposed reduced switch count multilevel inverter (MLI) in terms of the lowering of the capital cost and improvement in the quality of the target voltage.