Control of Improved Non-Isolated High Gain DC-DC Converter
Sivaraj Desingu, Arounassalame Mouttou |pages: 43-58|

Abstract— This paper proposes an improved non-isolated high gain DC-DC converter based on quadratic boost topology. The proposed converter contains multiplier cells to boost the output voltage level of the converter. The switched capacitor gain cell acts as multiplier and provides necessary gain improvement. A mathematical model of the high gain converter is derived based on the physical significance of the capacitors during on and off states of the switches. The controller parameters are obtained using the genetic algorithm optimization method. The proposed topology provides high gain without using extreme duty ratios. To regulate the output voltage, a closed loop PID control scheme is also proposed for the high gain converter. The proposed circuit, i.e., the high gain DCDC converter in closed loop with PID controller is tested in MATLAB/Simulink environment. The obtained results show that the proposed circuit provides stable high voltage output even during the presence of input and load variations.