Assessment of the Local Levels of Exposure to Electromagnetic Field and Radio Frequency
Osama M. Al-Habahbeh, Anas E. Yamin, Haitham Y. Naji, Mohamed F. Qasem |pages: 143-150|

Abstract— Today, electromagnetic fields (EMFs) and radio frequencies (RFs) exist in most inhabited areas, whether urban or rural. However, there are still some conflicting beliefs as to the degree of hazard associated with the sources of these fields and frequencies. In this work, the levels of exposure to EMFs and RFs are evaluated for the city of Amman, Jordan. Other cities may have different results depending on the size of the city which affects power requirements and the type and size of the cell towers used. The sources that are investigated include high voltage (HV) cables, electric substations, electric vehicles (EVs), hybrid electric vehicles (HEVs), home appliances, communication towers, Wi-Fi, etc. The proper measuring devices and procedures have been used to obtain the data. The measured values, which are compared to the published international standards and conclusions, are made based on these measurements. One interesting finding is that salvage EVs emit much more EMF than clean title EVs, which warrant more scrutiny on the quality of maintenance performed on these vehicles.