Using the Clonal Selection Algorithm for the Synthesis of the Topological Structure for Data Network
Mohammad Alhihi |Pages: 260-268|

Abstract— A Genetic Algorithm (GA) is a high-level procedure applied to find, generate or select a good solution for an optimization problem, usually in imperfect or limited computation capacity, based on the Evolutionary Algorithms (EA). In this paper, we propose a clonal selection algorithm for the synthesis of a data transmission network topology, which unlike former works, depends on the model cost to determine the optimality value which solves the problem of distributing information flows in a network, and abilities of communication channels (available channel capacity). The proposed genetic synthesis algorithm solves the optimizing criteria, taking into account the optimal trade-off between the network dependability and cost. Finally, the algorithm was applied over the Jordanian cities where each city represents an algorithm node. The outcome of this application shows the gained improvement of the proposed algorithm.