Wideband Vertical T-shaped Dielectric Resonator Antennas Fed by Coaxial Probe
Feras Abushakra, Asem Al-Zoubi |Pages: 250-258|

Abstract— Two vertical T-shaped dielectric resonator antennas (DRA) are designed and simulated using two 3D electromagnetic simulators: HFSS and CST MWS. The simulated results for these designs reach an impedance bandwidth of 70%. Moreover, in the second design the ground plane is sitting directly underneath the DRA; and a probe is passing through a circular aperture that is created in the ground plane at the top side of the substrate to excite the DRA. The simulated peak gain shows notable increment within the operating band and reaches 8 dBi with stable value. By using this feeding method, the cross polarization level is reduced within the operating band; and the overall size of the DRA is reduced by (16.2%). Moreover, both software show excellent agreement in the simulated results.