Lifting Based S-Box for Scalable Block Cipher Design Based on Filter Banks
Saleh S. Saraireh, JJEE |Pages: 150-158 |

Abstract— The security of data exchange is considered a significant problem. It requires the use of various cryptographic algorithms, such as stream cipher and block cipher. The implementation of a secure cryptographic block cipher algorithm requires the generation of strong substitution and permutation layers. These layers should satisfy the principles of security (diffusion and confusion). The proposed lifting scheme substitution box (s-box), which can be used to implement the substitution layer in a filter bank block cipher structure to support the scalability and security of the cipher. The cryptographic properties of the proposed s-box are studied, evaluated and compared with Rijndael s-box for the avalanche criteria, strict avalanche criterion (SAC), bit independent criterion (BIC), XOR table distribution, and linear approximation table (LAT). The results obtained confirm the security and scalability of the proposed s-box.