Comparison of Fuzzy Logic Control and Model Predictive Control for a Smart Adaptive Cruise Control Vehicle System
Adnan K. Shaout, Syed Adil Ahmad, Dan Osborn |Pages: 27-47|

Abstract— Adaptive cruise control (ACC), cruise control (CC), and automatic emergency braking (AEB) serve as the basis of longitudinal automated driving, and as such have been the subject of much research. Model predictive control (MPC) and fuzzy logic are often considered to be the next steps in improving the capability of these systems, but the two control strategies have not been compared to each other in the ACC, CC and AEB applications.  Also, the three features (ACC, CC and AEB) have never been compiled into a single fuzzy logic controller. The purpose of this paper is to design a fuzzy logic-based ACC, CC, and AEB controller and compare it to an equivalent MPC controller. All three controllers control the desired longitudinal acceleration, and their functionality is tested using Matlab’s Fuzzy Logic Designer and other Simulink toolboxes. Ultimately, the results of the analysis demonstrate that the proposed fuzzy controller operates just as well if not better than the MPC controller and that the fuzzy controller is able to operate well in all tested scenarios.