Design of a Solar-Powered Water Pumping System for Irrigation in Sukkur, Pakistan
Omair Ahmed, M. Tariq Iqbal | Pages: 84-97 |

Abstract—This paper presents the design of a solar-powered water pumping system that would be used for irrigation in Sukkur, Pakistan. A dependable model of the pumping system as well as the solar system is designed in PVsyst and HOMER softwares to establish the practical and economic viability of solar-powered water pumping system at the site. The proposed system consists of a submersible centrifugal multistage deep well pump and sixty 480 W solar modules. For the purpose of evaluating the backup system’s viability, a battery backup system is also connected to the system. The obtained results show that the proposed solar-powered water pumping system is a potential candidate and a viable option for employment at the selected site and at other sites that have the same conditions for water pumping and irrigation. Moreover, when compared to the cost of using nonrenewable resources, operating and maintenance costs for renewable energy systems are more manageable.