Indoor-Lighting System Design Using Simultaneous Control of LEDs Lighting Intensity and Roller Blinds’ Opening for Economic Energy Consumption
Muhammad M. Mahmoud |Pages: 288-306|

Abstract—In this paper, daylight harvesting is used to minimize the power consumption – required for indoor lighting – using electric roller blind. Smart controller is designed to adjust – based on the preset light intensity – the position of the roller blind’s stepper motor, and consequently the roller blind opening for better utilization of the daylight entering the room. If the desired illuminance level (IL) is not achieved for any reason, the smart controller adjusts the LED circuit current to boost the light intensity to achieve precisely the desired IL. Comprehensive tests – carried out using MATLAB-Simulink to verify the performance of the proposed smart controller – reveal that the proposed controller successfully maintains the indoor lighting intensity at the desired IL. Results of the techno-economic analysis – performed to evaluate the benefits of employing the proposed controller – show that an energy saving of about 62% is achieved, and that the lifetime of the LED circuits can extend to more than 20 years.