Prototyping A Unidirectional Horizontal and Vertical Distance Measurement Apparatus Using Trigonometric Ratio and Laser Beam: A Comprehensive Study
Abhijeet Kumar, Uday Kumar |Pages: 232-241|

Abstract- This paper presents the design and the prototype of an embedded laser system with a semi-automatic unidirectional laser-based height and distance measuring apparatus based on trigonometric elevation measurement profile fundamentals. The proposed apparatus measures the distance in horizontal and vertical directions, adjacent side/distance and opposite side/height. Results of its testing in every possible scenario, proves its high measurement accuracy. Moreover, it necessitates neither the use of any electronic component for the feedback data, nor any other form of data before the actual measurement. Furthermore, it requires no prior knowledge or specialized abilities. For all of the aforesaid reasons, we believe that the presented apparatus will contribute to the commercial scales used for dual-axis measurement in a stationary and less expensive manner.