An Array with Crossed-Dipole Elements for Controlling Sidelobes Pattern
Jafar Ramadhan Mohammed, Abdulrazaq A. Khmees |Pages: 39-47|

Abstract— This paper introduces an array with a new element structure to achieve asymmetric sidelobe pattern nulling which is a much desired feature in many applications such as communication systems, tracking radars, and imaging. The proposed element structure is built by combining two simple wire dipoles in the horizontal and vertical positions to form a crossed dipole element. The array patterns of the horizontal and vertical dipoles share some common radiation features such as angular null positions which are exploited to provide the required sidelobe nulling. By properly scaling the array pattern of the horizontal dipoles and adding or subtracting its array pattern from those of the vertical dipoles, a new array pattern corresponding to the crossed dipoles elements with controlled sidelobes pattern is obtained. The proposed method is equally applied to the uniformly and nun-uniformly excited arrays. Moreover, the proposed idea is verified by simulating an array with 10 half wavelength crossed dipoles using computer simulation technology microwave studio, and the obtained results – which are compared to the theoretical Matlab findings – confidently validate the presented idea.