Energy Management in Multiple Micro-Grids Considering Uncertainties of Load Using Hierarchical Multi-Agent System
Mahdi Mozaffari Legha, Sanaz Rashidifard |pages: 166-178|

Abstract— A micro-grid (MG) is an active low-voltage grid that includes renewable energy sources and different types of loads. Given that MGs consist of different distributed energy resources (DER), energy storage systems and different load types, integration of a distribution network and several distributed energy sources leads to creation of a multiple MG (MMG) system. In this paper, an energy management system (EMS) is proposed and implemented in JADE software environment to operate – considering load uncertainties – MMG with optimal power of distributed energy sources and optimal consumer loads with minimum cost based on hierarchical multi-agent system (HMAS). The obtained results reveal that the proposed EMS is capable of establishing energy management of distributed and storage energy resources in MMGs with the minimum possible cost.