Comparative Analysis of Induction Motor and Interior Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor in Electric Vehicles with Fuzzy Logic Speed Control
Ahmad Y. Abu-Ghazal, Qazem M. Jaber |Pages: 202-221|

Abstract— Selection of electric motors and designing of efficient motor drives are important issues in the manufacturing of electric vehicle’s traction system, especially with the highly competitive electric vehicles’ market. Many electric motors can be used to drive electric vehicles, but the induction motor (IM) and the interior permanent magnet synchronous motor (IPMSM) are the dominant ones. This paper introduces a dynamic comparative analysis of the IM and the IPMSM in electric vehicles applications. To conduct this analysis, two identical IM and IPMSM have been selected and two motor drives have been built using field oriented control (FOC) techniques in Simulink software. The motors were used to drive identical vehicle body models with a fuzzy logic controller used to control the vehicle’s speed. Both motors were compared mainly in terms of the speed and the torque responses with and without vehicle body load. The results showed a convergent performance between both systems; however, the IM-driven vehicle model has a little faster response compared to the IPMSM-driven one, whereas the latter has a higher torque ripple compared to the IM drive.