Energy Saving with D-FACTS in Distribution System Using Cuckoo Search Algorithm
Aadesh Kumar Arya, Saurabh Chanana, Ashwani Kumar |Pages: 45-60|

Abstract— In order to analyze the radial distribution system (RDS) for minimizing power losses, a meta-heuristic optimization technique named Cuckoo Search (CS) algorithm is applied for DG/D-STATCOM allocation. In this paper, an effort has been made to reduce RDS losses and energy cost by incorporating distributed generation (DG) and distribution static synchronous compensator (D-STATCOM). To verify the effectiveness of algorithm, it is tested on IEEE 33 and IEEE 69 buses for various situations of DG and D-STATCOM in RDS. Also the impact of minimization of power loss is observed on total annual energy saving cost (TAESC) and the total annual operating cost (TAOC). The accomplishment of the proposed algorithm is compared with a previously used method.