Optimal Under-Frequency Load Curtailment via Continuous Load Control in a Single Area Power System Using Fuzzy Logic, PID-Fuzzy and Neuro-Fuzzy (ANFIS) Controllers
Demilade D. Dinakin, Peter O. Oluseyi |Pages: 208-223|

Abstract— In situations where maximum load demand exceeds power generation capacity, frequency would drop during cases of overload; and if appropriate under-frequency load curtailment scheme is not put in place, it could cause permanent turbine damage or affect the expected working operation of electric equipment. Various existing works on load curtailment in power systems have been done to great effect using meta-heuristic and classical control techniques. This paper seeks to comparatively analyze the Fuzzy Logic, Fuzzy-PID and Neuro-Fuzzy (ANFIS) controllers and their contribution to achieving load curtailment in a Single Area Power System via continuous load control. The transfer function model of the power system and the design of the controllers are done using Simulink, MATLAB software. The controllers are designed to output power imbalance based on frequency deviation during various system overload conditions. They also shed loads continuously until frequency is restored within the safe operating range. Different cases of system overload are used to analyze the performance of the controllers. It is found that the Neuro-Fuzzy controller gives the most optimized result.