Wide Range Time Difference Amplifier (WR-TDA)
Ziyad A. Al-Tarawneh |Pages: 49-61|

Abstract—This paper introduces a wide input range time difference amplifier (WR-TDA) with a linear, high amplification gain and low power consumption. A detailed analysis of the time amplification behavior is discussed. The effects of crucial design parameters such as load capacitance, supply voltage and key transistor parameters on amplification gain, linearity and input range were examined. Circuit simulations suggest that time amplifier can be tuned for wide input ranges with acceptable time gains. Moreover, gain linearity can be improved by properly optimizing a set of design parameters of the proposed circuit. This approach achieves an amplification gain up to 30ps/ps with a linear dynamic range of 10-1340ps and low power consumption. It also found that the biasing voltage (Vbias) significantly improves linearity of the amplification gain