Enhancement of Voltage Stability and Line Loadability by Reconfiguration of Radial Electrical Power Distribution Networks on the Basis of Seasonal Load Change
Kultar D. Singh |Pages: 312-320|

Abstract— This paper investigates the concept of network reconfiguration by considering the seasonal load change on feeders. The author tried to establish that the reconfiguration of networks can be carried out for load balancing during the seasonal change in loads depicted by the chronological load curves of the feeders. In electrical power distribution systems, some feeders supply consumers with the same type of loads in particular areas. Like the feeders dedicated to supply residential areas, the dominated loads are domestic and commercial. While some feeders may be dominated with industrial loads, some with agriculture etc. By examining the chronological load curves the possibilities of feeder reconfiguration are identified. Seasonal reconfiguration will increase the reliability of supply, reduce line losses and improve voltage profile.