Modeling, Analysis and Simulation of Voltage Sourced Converters-Based High Voltage DC Transmission System (VSC-HVDC)
Khaled M. Alawasa |pages: 199-213|

Abstract— With the development in power electronics technologies and control techniques, a new generation of HVDC system has been launched based on voltage source converters (VSC-HVDC). It is a new dc transmission system technology known as “HVDC Light” and “HVDC Plus”. This paper presents analysis, modeling and control of VSC-HVDC based. The operation principle and control strategies of VSC-HVDC are also explored and analyzed. Simulations for a VSC-HVDC are conducted using PSCAD/EMTDC software. The control design and system responses under several conditions such as control tracking performance, steady state and fault scenario are tested and verified. The linear frequency domain design and analysis have been verified by time-domain simulations.