Voltage Flicker Estimation and Mitigation Using Combined MUSIC-DVR Technique
Eyad A. Feilat, Darwish A. Abu Qdoum, Mohammed B. Rifai |Pages: 13-28|

Abstract— This paper presents a technique based on the multiple signal classification (MUSIC) technique combined with the dynamic voltage restorer (DVR) scheme for voltage flicker estimation and mitigation. Different cases of voltage flicker distortion are investigated including low and high frequency bands. In the first phase, the MUSIC algorithm is applied for voltage flicker estimation, where the spectral components of the voltage signal are calculated by constructing the voltage flicker signal as a linear combination of sinusoids of different frequencies. Next, Hilbert transform (HT) is used to obtain the voltage envelope of the signal using the estimated spectral components of the voltage flicker waveform. Then, the voltage envelope is used to detect the level of voltage flicker. In the second phase, voltage flicker mitigation using the dynamic voltage restorer (DVR) scheme is employed by injecting the appropriate voltage signal to reduce unacceptable voltage fluctuations at the load side. The performance and effectiveness of the proposed method have been examined using MATLAB/SIMULINK simulation.