Energy Management and Control of a Stand-Alone Photovoltaic/Ultra Capacitor/Battery Microgrid
Ehsan Jamshidpour, Philippe Poure, Shahrokh Saadate |Pages: 1-12|

Abstract— In this paper, the aggregation and implementation of a new energy management method in a microgrid power system is presented. Energy management is based on the use of a hybrid storage system. The Ultra Capacitors are used for facing high frequency variation of the load, such as in transient state, while batteries are in charge of slow load /source variations. Early ageing of the batteries is therefore avoided. The advanced control system proposed in this study allows choosing a suitable storage element in order to face the production/consummation variation correctly. The whole system, including a PV generator, hybrid storage system and realistic load, all connected to a common DC-bus, is first modeled. The simulations using Matlab are then carried out to confirm the good performances of the proposed energy management and associated control system.