Robot for Real Time Detection of Nuclear Radiation Levels
Mohammad I. Alfraheed, Abdullah O. Al-Zaghameem, Ah med E. Almasri, Raed A. Abu-Deyeh |Pages: 125-139|

Abstract— In Jordan, the government is taking initial steps towards building the first nuclear reactor for peaceful purposes. Although this reactor is supposed to attain several significant benefits for local community, it raises voices against expected potential harmful consequences. In general, one of the major risks of nuclear power is the impact of nuclear radiation on human health. In this work, a robotic-based system is proposed to avoid nuclear risks by automatically alarming the level of radiation when it noticeably increases in predefined-radius areas. Though the proposed system used a single robot, it could be easily expanded to employ several robots that are spread out at different locations to detect the radiation and alarm the unusual harmful levels in huge constructions like nuclear reactors and plants. Experiments show the robot’s great capability to reach places characterized as unsafe for humans. In addition, the robot is equipped with a camera to facilitate its dynamic and self-driven movement, and a set of electronic sensors to detect the radiation level and leak amount of rays from nuclear reactors. The radiation is measured by detecting the levels of Alpha (α), Beta (β), and Gamma (γ) in the air. Testing and evaluation experiments that are carried out exhibit the capability of the proposed system to detect radiation leaking, alarm harmful levels and ensure the realization of some behavioral properties like utility and robustness against such operational obstacles as natural barriers and weather conditions.