Performance Comparison of Coded OFDM System with Cooperative Diversity and Multi-Antenna Receiver Diversity using QAM Modulation
Saif E. A. Alnawayseh |Pages: 111-123|

Abstract— Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing (OFDM) is recognized recently to be one of the major cooperative techniques for wireless local area network (WLAN). In this paper, a comparative performance of OFDM utilizing relay cooperative diversity and antenna diversity is examined. The performance evaluation is carried out by comparing Bit Error Rate (BER) values for different schemes such as Decode and Forward (DF) and different relay positions of coded cooperative relay over multipath Rayleigh fading channel using BPSK and QAM modulation techniques; and convolution code is used as channel coding. Also, the performance of relay cooperative diversity schemes is compared with OFDM using Single Input Single Out put System (SISO). The Monte Carlo simulation results confirmed that coded OFDM cooperative relay system provides better performance than OFDM coded system with antenna diversity in most scenarios. The analytic expression for error probability and effective SNR correlated to (BPSK) modulation for cooperative coded relay and multi-antenna diversity has been presented and derived for different schemes as Decode and Forward and Amplify and Forward (AF) for multi branches combining schemes.