Jordan Journal of Electrical Engineering (JJEE)
Jordan Journal of Electrical Engineering

An international peer-reviewed journal
ISSN (print): 2409-9600, ISSN (online): 2409-9619

Jordan Journal of Electrical Engineering (JJEE)
Manuscript Submission

  • Submission of manuscripts and publication of articles in the Jordan Journal of Electrical engineering (JJEE) is free of charge.
  • All correspondence, pertaining to the submitted manuscript takes place by email. This includes notification of receipt and editorial board’s decisions.
  • Author(s) should use the JJEE online submission system to upload the following documents:
    • A blind copy (no author information) of the manuscript as a single MS Word file - including all texts, tables, graphics and figures - prepared using the JJEE MS Word template for manuscript preparation.
    • A file named authors’ details that contains authors’ names, their full affiliations and contact details.
    • The signed transfer of copyright agreement.
    • All the original figures (with high resolution and quality; i.e. > 450 dpi.).
    • Should the manuscript contain EXCEL charts (those must be original and not pictures), they must be uploaded separately.